Storage Units

Storage units to fit your needs:
  • A variety of sizes to choose from
  • 24/7 surveillance **at most locations**
  • 24/7 access in a well-lit complex
  • Pay your bill online

Moving Storage

Are you moving and need a place to store your belongings during the move? We can help!

Furniture Storage

Do you have extra furniture that you want to keep safe and secure? We have space for that! 

Seasonal Storage

Are you a student who needs to store their stuff for summer break? Have a summer hobby that you need to pack away for winter? We can help!

Unit Descriptions

5 x 10 or 7 x 8

5 x 10 Space: 50 sq. ft.
Size Equivalent: Long walk-in closet.
Ideal for: large sofa, dresser, boxes

7 x 8 Space: 56 sq. ft.
Size Equivalent: Wide walk-in closet.
Ideal for: boxes, dresser, chair, easy access


10 x 10

10 x 10 Space: 100 sq. ft.
Size Equivalent: Average bedroom.
Ideal for: twin bed, dresser, chair, boxes, easy access

10 x 20

10 x 20 Space: 200 sq. ft.
Size Equivalent: Family room or standard-size garage.
Ideal for: car, boat, large furniture, boxes
Door height: 8,10, & 12 foot doors available

10 x 25

10 x 25 Space: 250 sq. ft.
Size Equivalent: Family room , longer than standard-size garage.
Ideal for:  large boat, large household storage, utility vehicles

Important to know when renting a storage unit:

  • We recommend you use D-Con and protect your contents with some type of dust cover. Keep one or more containers of DampRid Moisture Absorber in your storage facility at all times. You simply place a container of DampRid moisture-absorbing crystals in your unit and they’ll absorb the excess moisture from the air.
  • Never put anything wet or damp in your unit.  It won’t dry out in there; it will just add moisture to the air and make everything else damp as well.  No damp boxes or clothes.  Place items on wooden pallets or strips – concrete floors draw moisture.
  • Check your self-storage space periodically, as ultimately you’re responsible for the condition of everything that’s in there. 
  • Make sure your door lock is engaged and your padlock is secure before leaving.
  • Mr. Storage does not provide insurance on your contents. Contact your agent if you want insurance.
  • Payment is due on the 1st of every month. A $15 late fee is charged after the 5th of the month. There is a $20 charge for returned checks. The key replacement fee is $10.
  • Move Out Procedure: You must call to notify us. Your unit is considered rented until the lock is removed and you will continue to be responsible for paying rent.
  • Refund Policy: Unit must be cleaned and swept out to finalize the move out process. Once the unit is cleaned out, Mr. Storage will inspect and send a refund of the deposit paid if the unit was left in satisfactory condition.
  • More information on our rental policies.

Need Help Cleaning?

We highly recommend A&M Cleaning Services of Iowa, 113 Centennial Dr, Huxley, IA  50124. Contact them at